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Member Instructions for CSVS Website Directories

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We are happy to announce CSVS is introducing two new member directories on our website.  Our public directory will allow visitors to the site to search for a listing of our members by area and by their expertise. Our member-only directory will allow logged in members to search for fellow members.   We encourage our members to login and update the new directory fields, if you’d like to be listed in our directories.  Once you update the directory fields and indicate which of the directories you would like to be a part of, you can go to your privacy settings and further customize your preferences.

Visit the New Directories

Public Member Directories

Member-Only Access Directory (must be logged in to access)

Adding Your Information to the New Directories

CSVS has setup new member fields for members to fill out that will be displayed in the directory. 

To be added to the directories, there are 2 steps to complete.

1.)  Log in to your member profile and fill in the new directory fields and select which (if any) of the directories you’d like to be displayed in.  More details are available below.

2.)  While logged in, go to the Privacy section and check the visibility for each of the profile fields and make edits to set your preferences.

      • Fields set to Anybody will show to both public and members
      • Fields set to Member will only show only to members who are logged in
      • Fields set to No access will only show to CSVS administrators

Detailed Instructions on How to be Added to the Online Member Directories

  1. Login to the website.  Forgot your password? Reset it here
  2. At the top right of the website, click on your name and select View profile. 
  3. Click Edit Profile.
  4. Scroll down to the MEMBER DIRECTORY FILEDS / CHAMPS DU BOTTIN DES MEMBRES section.  Fill in the fields as you’d like displayed in the directories.
  5. At the bottom of the page, select which directories you’d like to be added to. 
  6. Click Save.

After you save your profile changes, you can further control which fields are shared in which directory, by going to the Privacy section in your member profile.  Click Edit to make any changes to the settings for each new field.

By default, if you fill in the new fields used in the directories, they can be viewed by anybody if you’ve opted into the Public member directory.  To further control who can see each field, you can click edit and make changes to your member fields’ privacy settings.   Leave the field to ‘Anybody’ to share this information in both the public and member directory, change the field to Members to share this information only in the member directory.  Set the field to No access if you only want CSVS administrators to see the value.

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